Justice for George Floyd!!

May 29, 2020

Recently a unarmed black man was killed by the police and america has raised havoc to fight for justice.On Memorial Day a 46 year old black male was suffocated to death by four police officers that consciously made a decision...

Senior’s Last Day of Highschool

May 26, 2020

High school. A place wherein 4 years you'll change, understand yourself, and discover things you never knew existed. The journey, for some people, ended today. Today is the final day of school for the Senior class. On this day,...

Trump states that churches should open immediately

May 22, 2020

Breaking News: President Trump has declared that churches open back immediately. He has given out CDC guidelines so that churches can move forward with the reopening. This occurred this morning, Friday, May 22nd, 2020. He claims...

Florida Education Distribute Distance Learning Grants Valued Over $300,000

May 22, 2020

To continue the distance learning education for all Florida teachers and learners the Board the Education have awards over 300,000 dollars towards Distanced Learning. The grant was distributed to 44 public schools districts and no...

This Is America.

May 15, 2020

Breonna Taylor. She was a 26-year-old black woman, Emergency Medical Technician, and she was murdered. The Louisville Metro Police are 100% responsible for the death of Breonna Taylor. On March 13th, in the evening, she was...

Georgia issuing teens license without road test?

May 14, 2020

The state of Georgia has waved teens requirement to take a road test and just allowing them to have license this decision has sparked controversy among others. As many know during this pandemic business are closed and people don't...

Broward County Public Schools Releases Schedule of Virtual Graduation

Rachell Merisier

May 1, 2020

Graduation will  be held on live stream on either YouTube or BECON-tv. The times and dates for each school will be listed below. All in all graduation will be taken placed from June 15-28. Each ceremony will continue th...

“Adopt-A-Senior” is Giving Seniors Hope

May 1, 2020

Around this pandemic, also known as COVID-19, the senior class of 2020 is feeling very bumped. No prom, grad bash, and a formal graduation ceremony. However, on the social media outlet called Facebook, various groups are now being formed to honor the class of 2020. These groups and communities are called "Adopt-A-Senior". T...

Virtual Graduation for the Class of 2020

Cindy Firmin

April 24, 2020

Broward County Public Schools' Superintendent, Robert W. Runice released a video informing this year's senior class what is to take place. After months of worrying, anxiety, and uncertainty, the answers were finally given. Unfortunately...

Update on the Corona Virus in Florida

April 24, 2020

Florida has more than 30,000 cases of the Corona Virus in the state. The same state that opened back the beaches and some recreational activities in the state. Miami has a confirmed 10,926 cases in the city with 287 deaths. There's...

Florida Residents Will Slowly Readjust

Rachell Merisier

April 17, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 situation major changes were made to the state of Florida. Social distancing in Florida may last up to a year. The state of Florida is planning to reopen and get back to business. Many small businesses suffered...

Coronavirus: In the Eyes of a Tiger

April 17, 2020

In the state of Florida. the statistics of the virus are growing faster than ever. As dead bodies continue to fill up refrigerator trucks and hospitals continue to gain more and more positive patients of the virus itself, we're...