Magnet students take a field trip to the Museum of Discovery and Science


Mallinchka Fevrius

Blanche Ely High School students who are part of the Magnet program that includes engineering and medical science took a field trip to the Museum of Discovery and Science located in Fort Lauderdale on February 20, 2020. The students were off-campus for approximately three hours and returned during B-lunch around 12:30 PM. 

The Museum of Discovery and Science provides its own AutoNation IMAX theater and shows 3-D IMAX films that require viewers to wear special glasses and headsets. The museum also features a Discovery Center for ages 7 and under which includes airplane simulators, information about space, runways to Rockets. They also have an exhibit of displayed minerals, rocks, prehistoric fish, dinosaur eggs, fossils, games, puzzles and much more. 

Students have said that it took 30 minutes to reach the destination of the museum and they provided six buses for the Magnet students. Students have also described the trip as a trip they would recommend for ‘children’. When students departed off the bus, they were given 3-D glasses and entered a movie room that showed a movie relating to the engineering field and what they do which was claimed to be good. 

A student from the trip said she learned that it’s not about working hard but working smarter. An example provided from the movie was a team that were working together on a robotic submarine but when it was time to test out the machine, it didn’t function properly. The team came up with solutions with their problem until they did the process of elimination and chose the best solution for their last-minute problem. She continued saying that life will throw obstacles in our direction but how there are different ways how we can handle the situation(s).

After the movie finished up, students were given an eating break where they were served pizza, juice, and snacks. They were escorted inside the museum that had a simulator that mimicked a roller coaster. They were allowed to explore the museum where they learned the history of Dinosaurs, their bone structure, what they looked like before becoming extinct and also what they ate while they were alive.

In the next room, they learned about the human skeleton. They had the bones of the skeletal system in order on a table that showed light from underneath to show the bones more visibly. Moving to the next room, they went to explore aircraft. Aircraft is an airplane, helicopter or any other machine that is capable of flying. They were showed how to function a plane that provided a screen that shows how to navigate a plane. In the last stage of the trip, they went into another room where students were allowed to arm wrestle a robotic arm to see which arm would be stronger. 


Overall students at Blanche Ely High School that are apart of the magnet program are provided opportunities that expand their learning such as field trips and hands-on experiments. Being apart of the magnet program also gives the student a better chance of getting into their wanted College and also makes their resume look even better.