Solitary Confinement Gone Too Far


Jessica Joissaint


Brian Harvey is a state prisoner, serving a 30-year sentence, after being convicted of selling crack cocaine in 1996. Brian Harvey was dying from colon cancer. His sister who’s nickname Lisa wanted to bring her brother home to St. Peters-burg, where he could be helped and comforted by this loved ones.But the problem was Brian Harvey was shackled to in Jacksonville. Lisa Harvey received special permission to visit her brother at the prison. She was disappointed by what she found there.“The inmates are shackled to the bed. They are in rooms with no televisions. They have a window,” Harvey told the Florida Phoenix in an interview. But she noted the prisoners are rarely let out, even to use a bathroom.

Solitary confinement prisoners officials can deny food, exercise, bedding or showers. Therefore, inmates can be denied their basic rights. Solitary confinement is supposed to be a punishment for inmates by the use of isolated confinement.However, solitary confinement isn’t that it is just a place inmates rather not go. During this period of time prisoners remain in a cell for 23 hours and remove when allowed to exercise or shower. In article The Cost Of Solitary Confinement “ the court decides this case, it seems clear the New York’s isolation policy is inhumane and counterproductive, requiring clearer guidelines from the Legislature as to when isolation can and cannot be used.” Which is proof that there is something wrong with the rules and regulations when it comes to solitary which isn’t fair for the inmates on the other side.

Inmates who have been in solitary for years can have trouble going back with the other prison population. Being stuck in a twelve by eight foot cell alone can impact you mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Image result for solitary confinementInmates become more violent during time of isolation so when they get out it’s difficult to control it which gets them sentenced to even more time in confinement. They come out with so much anger and even more psychological issues than they went in with. Solitary confinement contends that the practice does more harm than good. Just imagine how difficult it would be adjusting to the world outside of prison.

The New York Legislation’s use isolation as a routine punishment for minor non-violent offenses. Most prison systems single-out violent people who present a danger to guards and other inmates. Between 2007 and 2011, the state imposed 70,000 isolation sentences for unity cells or people. There’s lawsuit suggests the system is still misusing isolation. Evidence shows that the prisoners that are felt can be a harm or for unlawful reasons are sentenced to solitary confinement. Prisoners get sentences like “untidy cell or person,” or for “littering”, “unfastened long hair” or an ‘unreported illness”. Solitary confinement should not be a place that prisoners fear to go to.

Solitary confinement in the prison system needs to be changed drastically. The results are bad statistics wise and just plain out wrong. We need to change solitary confinement all together. The reasoning why to abolish it from American is stacking up. It’s unsafe and unlawful we all need to take a stand  so we can remove this from the prison system. In this situation the bad outweighs the good so they need to be a change for our future.