Selena Gomez Releases New Album

Selena Gomez Releases New Album

Nicole Correa

Selena Gomez has been hiding ever since her last album “Revival” which was in 2017. She recently dropped her latest album on January 10, 2020, four years later. Her new album is called “Rare”, which she describes as a album that is confident a rising album for women who at times can feel very vulnerable from past experiences and trauma.

Gomez personally signed 4,000 of her CD albums and even tattooed the name of her new album, “Rare” on the side of her neck. She has been delayed in her music because of a very unfortunate case of a Lupus diagnosis in 2015, which thankfully her best friend, Francia Raisa, was there to become a match to be a donor for Selena.

One of her big recent hits was, “Lose You To Love Me”, which became a very powering song that brings life to young girls, although the music seems down and saddening, the lyrics bring a gentle reminder to those who lost from love but regained love through themselves which is the best kind of love a person can receive. She shares with her fans how vulnerable she has been in the past, but that title doesn’t necessarily make her weak, if anything it made her stronger.

Not only has past relationships been a struggle in her life but her kidney transplant scarred her and not just physically but emotionally and mentally since she could have possibly died. She suffered during this surgery because the kidney transplant flipped inside of her stomach during this procedure, turning a two-hour surgery into six hours. This left Gomez unable to walk up and down stairs or even shower for quite some time, also impacting her after emotional healing which took her awhile to move past from. But this devastating moment made her stronger and empowered her to raise her voice up for others through music and connections on social media. 

She felt stuck at a lot of points in her life and had to let go of past relationships and toxic people, she battled with depression and this hurt prevented her from continuing the making of music being that she was in denial. She was not confident with her body and always felt like there was a certain look that everyone had to follow that she didn’t have. Leading her to believe that rare beauty can be more than a brand or a simple look. She stated in an interview, “I want us all to stop comparing ourselves to each other, and just start embracing our own uniqueness”.

This star has battled through severe trauma and still strives to persevere in her career even after all the hate and body shame from her scars. She now has a beauty line hitting Sephora stores this upcoming summer, coming out with fragrances, skincare, soaps and concealers.