Blanche Ely Girls Basketball Wins Regional Finals


Lady tigers scored a big win against St. Thomas. St. Thomas was one of the biggest obstacles for the Tigers and this season. After the Lady Tigers beat the Raider twice in the regular season, Ely picked the biggest three-win: a 46-42 victory against St. Thomas in class 6A regional semifinals.

The Lady Tigers were very competitive and very eager to win a very difficult game with St. Thomas. They felt like they were waiting for a very long.

St. Thomas started the 1st quarter with 12 points and Ely started with 14 points St. Thomas didn’t have the push they needed, as Ely defenses held them to three points through the game.

“I knew it was going to be competitive,” Tigers coach J.R. McNabb said. “St. Thomas is a great team. Coach Oliver [Berens] does a good job preparing them. So we knew we were going to be in a dogfight.”

Ely will next face Dillard again in the regional finals after the panthers beat Nova. Dillard was beaten twice by Ely this year.

“We’re not going to overthink those wins” Williams said. “Just because we beat them doesn’t mean they’re not going to come harder. Eventually, a team will get tired of you beating them.”

Ely has an overall record of  26 wins and 6 losses in the regular season, and are currently 3-0 in the district tournament.