A Guide to Studying

A Guide to Studying

Elande Julian

Different types of learners 

Sometimes, learning can be difficult for some people because they do not use the learning style being presented in a classroom. Some people are different from others and the way they learn is different. There is so many different types of learner such as visual learner, verbal, auditory, logical and many more. Visual learner is when a learner utilizes charts, graphs, maps and diagram. This learner learns through seeing things that is better than reading or listening, they learn through images. Verbal learners learn through reading and writing, and they adapt every word they hear very easily. Auditory learner is when the learner learns through listening and speaking, they able to hear what is being said in order to understand. Logical learner is when the learner is good at working with numbers, ideas and good at solving riddles. You can find what type of learner you are by taking some quiz and how you understand something. 


Studying can be very hard for some, but it is not that difficult. You just need a place that’s quiet, for example the library is one of the places you can consider studying. Studying does not mean you need to learn word from word studying mean to memorize the important part of the lesson the central , the idea or the purpose of the lesson knowing all the words from the lesson is not going to stay in your mind forever that is why you need to learn how to find the purpose of the lesson. Sometimes studying somewhere that there is a lot of people a lot of talkative people you won’t be able to concentrate on what you trying to study. The library is one of the places where you can sit there quietly studying while finding the purpose of the lesson. One of the things in studying you not supposed to do is cramming all what you studying in one big of pile, if that happen it’s going to be difficult to learn everything at the same time that’s why you need to separate each part into smaller details. 



When studying it can be a little bit tough that’s why you need to plan on what you going to study, how you going to find the purpose of it. When you studying you need to start with the difficult subjects first because it require a lot of energy and hard work from you to begin with and then it would be much easier for you to study the easy subjects. Getting distracted from your studying is one of the most annoying part when you really focusing in your work. When you studying you need to ask yourself some questions such as “do I really know why I’m studying? Do I fully understand the lesson? Do I organize my time and a place to study? Most importantly Why am I studying? find the answers to those questions and it will make you have a better idea to learn with excitement.   

How to study? 

When you are studying you need to take your time to understand the subject you are studying because if you don’t understand what you are studying, it’s going to be difficult for you to study.  Keeping where you are studying organized is important too because your mind probably going to be messed up. You won’t be able to focus to study your notes. Everything won’t stay in your mind if you don’t understand the topic you are studying.  You need to highlight the important part of your note, the most significant part of it. Breaking your note into multiple part is easier than a big pile. Use graphs, arrows, colors   or anything that make you understand or learn your topic easily. Ask for help if you don’t understand something from your topic. If you don’t ask for help your mind going to stay in the dark. If you had a way you use to study before and you still don’t understand, you need to try a different way. 

  Studying one time does not mean you going to get everything at the same time, you need to give yourself time like take breaks while you are studying so you can breathe. When you are studying the subject, you don’t understand you need to be patience, time, and ask for help from a teacher, a guidance or even your peer.  You need to have times to study, you can’t learn by studying once a time in a week because everything you think you already knows my not stay in your mind forever that’s why you need to make time to study every day or 3 times a week. Always revised what you learned from studying, challenge yourself from it by making others asking you questions about the topic.   


In science method, they state that when you exercise it will release an important blend of mood. Exercising will greatly improve brain power, they help to break up the study sessions, which is crucial of avoiding cramming. The problem with cramming is that overloaded information does not have a chance to enter the long-term memory.  Smart study isn’t about just reading the material over and repeatedly.  Finally, get as much sleep as you can, because sleep is crucial to brain development. Sleep helps your brain cells grow and connect. When studying you should take breaks every hour and not work straight through.” 

If you not able to test yourself, find a study partner who is studying the same subject and test one another from the notes, compare your results, talk about them, find what you and your partner don’t understand and ask questions.  Test each other on what they know and what they don’t know, help each other make progress. Studying does not mean you need to know word from word. Organize your time, pick a place that is not distracting you, ask questions, and have fun.