Justice for George Floyd!!

Recently a unarmed black man was killed by the police and america has raised havoc to fight for justice.On Memorial Day a 46 year old black male was suffocated to death by four police officers that consciously made a decision to not call for care though they heard Floyd’s cry’s and screams saying he couldn’t breath. Luckily a young woman recorded the incident and posted it online so America can see the horrific murder and come together to fight for justice and change in the judicial system.This incident was also recorded to show evidence of the incident so those inhumane cops are put to jail for the murder of George Floyd and to show that racism has never ended in America.Former Minneapolis cop charged with third-degree murder and ...

This tragic incident occurred in Minneapolis right outside of a store, cops say they arrested Floyd because of a faulty check he wrote, while being detained with no way to harm the police officers they decided to slam his head down the pavement and press their knee on his neck while he slowly lost his breath and died. America found out about this tragic incident in Minneapolis and quickly came together to find justice not only for Floyd but for the other countless black males the police have murdered or oppressed.

Protest and riots have made its way all throughout America such as Georgia, Houston, New York and most importantly Minneapolis. In  Minneapolis the calm peaceful protest quickly turned into a riot after citizens felt that no was listening to them and this was a way for people to finally look at what they caused based on their prejudiced acts. The outrage in America has not stopped an will continue to go on until all of the officers that participated in the murder of George Floyd goes to jail.George Floyd protesters set Minneapolis police station afire - Los ...

In Minneapolis at least five buildings were set in flames a target was looted from and people came from all over to protest on the streets so many people were outraged that they even had to have military trucks roam around to limit the chaos and cops made many arrest as well.Same thing has happened in Atlanta where they have burned down buildings and set fire to cops cars in order for them to get their point across which is “NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE” the more wrongful killings cops make the more riots and protest that will be made. Due to all the chaos Minneapolis has been put under curfew to limit the amount of damage to the city.

During all this outrage in America the thing that African  Americans have been fighting to get is for all the police officers involved to go to jail, well Derek Chauvin was first fired from his job but after protesting done he was finally arrested and charged with third degree murder and manslaughter. Derek Chauvin was the officer that had his neck of Floyd ultimately killing him though he is arrested justice has not been completely served say citizens of Minneapolis many are still fighting for the  arrest of the other officers involved in his murder.

This has not been the first time a cop has wrongfully killed a black man and this sadly will most likely not be the last this is why people refuse to be quiet any longer and decide to fight and protest for the rights of African American because if we don’t then how will the system change? “Justice  will not be served until those who are George Floyd Protests: How to Help, Where to Donateunaffected are as outraged as those who are”.