Trump states that churches should open immediately

Breaking News: President Trump has declared that churches open back immediately. He has given out CDC guidelines so that churches can move forward with the reopening. This occurred this morning, Friday, May 22nd, 2020. He claims that he will override governors if they do not follow through with his commands.  He has stated that places of worship or essential right now during this crisis.

What the President of the United States fails to realize is that during this pandemic, cases are continually growing. In fact, due to a few churches reopening in North California, they were linked to the spread of COVID-19 in the area. This happened due to a special Mother’s Day service they wanted to have. What this tells us, gatherings of large amounts of people are directly linked to the continual spread of coronavirus. Many church officials have now been infected with the virus. For a church in Texas, they have decided to now close down their church altogether because their priest passed away due to the virus. Within this same church, several others within the church have contracted the virus and tested positive. Therefore, in-person church services should not take place at this moment.

This issue, although it has positive intentions, will lead to more cases taking place. Churches, synagogues, and other houses of worship at this moment should continue their live streams and/or drive-thru services. This could affect all of us. Why? Because of the spread of the virus continuing, would lead to further cases that could potentially lead to deaths.  Thinking that it is okay to go back to our churches and exposing ourselves to the coronavirus would be ignorant.

How may others feel about this very topic? Others may feel that in-person service is necessary right now. Just as President Trump has deemed churches reopening “essential”, some may agree with this. However, we cannot take any risks at this moment. The fact of the matter is, continuing on with this plan, in the end, will be more destructive than bring more good.

How about the church officials who are dependent on the church to meet their financial needs? Many have lost their jobs due to this virus. Church tithes, offerings, and donations have significantly dropped. However, churches now are being funded by the government during this pandemic. With this new command of churches needing to be reopened, will they still receive their funding from the government? Will offerings go up?

Laws are put int place to protect us. With wisdom we should be able to discern. So before deciding to go back to church, really think about it– is it worth it?