This Is America.

Breonna Taylor.

She was a 26-year-old black woman, Emergency Medical Technician, and she was murdered. The Louisville Metro Police are 100% responsible for the death of Breonna Taylor. On March 13th, in the evening, she was murdered in her own home. The murder happened due to an executed home raid invasion. Taylor and her former boyfriend, named Kenneth Walker were asleep at the time. The raid involved an investigation on narcotics. The LMPD raided the wrong home, and due to their reckless act of uncertainty, Breonna Taylor is now dead.  This quickly got the attention of all social media platforms and everyone around the nation now knows the name of the victim.

The night of the murder, to specify, two police officers, and a sergeant entering the wrong home. They claimed that they were executing a search warrant for a suspected drug dealer. The person they were looking fo was already arrested and did not even reside in at the address at all. Breonna and her boyfriend were not suspects in the investigation or involved in any way. The boyfriend of Breonna, when hearing that people were trying to break in, fired one shot at the leg of the police officer. The officers then provided to fire 20 shots, 8 of them which killed Breonna immediately.

Breonna, although she was an EMT, she wanted to eventually become a nurse.

At the time of the posting, no one was charged at all. Was this because the murderers were the police, the people that are expected to protect us?

Ahmaud Arbery.

Not too long ago, Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year-old black male, around the same age as Taylor, was shot down and murdered by a caucasian father-and-son duo in Georgia while going for a run. Because the disturbing video of his death was taken and posted everywhere, officials are now looking into the case months after the incident occurred. , Ahmaud Arbery was murdered doing what he loves the most. Ahmaud was simply a black male, minding his business that apparantly posed a threat to his murders because he was black. They judged his appearnce and for that they took his life.

What’s in common with these two cases? See for yourself. Both Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery were both people of color. They both were young milenials that had a vision for their lives. Both Breonna and Ahmaud had their lives taken away due gun violence and the color of their skin.

The lack of legal response to these very crimes shows that Breonna and Ahmaud are not seen as equals. They were not seen as enough. Too many times do we hear the lives of black people being taken away due to circumstances they couldn’t control nor ask for. I hope one day we can grow as a nation and give justice to those who deserve it. Thankful for Ahmaud’s case, his murders are getting charged, but for Breonna, we aren’t sure yet.

Justice for Breonna Taylor. Justice for Ahmaud Arbery. Justice for Black Lives. Justice for all of humanity.