Pre-K – Second Grade Students will be receiving a special delivery

Rachell Merisier

Learn to Read Books: Phonics & Reading Activity Books for Kids ...

“I’m happy to announce our District is sending a set of ‘Open the World of Possible’ books for our youngest learners,” Broward County Public Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie stated . “Each of the students will receive five age-and grade level-appropriate books to read and enjoy at home.”


The younger student of the Broward County Public School System will be receiving  gift in the mail soon.  Since the District is focused on distant learning and that school never closes especially during the Corona Pandemic. Almost 48,000 book packs that contain 240,000 will be entering homes soon to enhance their libraries.

Learn to Read Books: Phonics & Reading Activity Books for Kids ...

Its been prove that reading physical books in the comfort of a child’s home will help better reading skills. The books that are going to be sent out to these students will help increase there learning which was impacted during this pandemic.


With the books they will also receive a notebook and a guide for each family. The guides will aid parents in how to supports their children int he journey of learning to read proficiently. The superintendent is in the process of making a video recording that will allow students to read along with him from home online.  This was approved by the school board and these packages will start mailing out this month. For more inflammation on this you may contact [email protected].