Unemployment rates skyrocket in the U.S due to COVID-19

As everyone knows the world has come to a stop due to the spread of the Coronavirus which is transmitted by airborne and has no vaccine or treatment to help patients that have contracted it. Because of this uncertainty of the virus and the fact that most don’t show symptoms until the last few days the rates of the people are increasingly rising. This increase makes it hard for places to start opening up due to the social distancing rules, This forces many people’s jobs to close until further notice. Due to the lack of financial income people are forced to seek government assistance because unfortunately some bills are still expected to be paid and how are they able to pay without a steady income?Jobs after coronavirus: The US labor market won't bounce right ...

Government has reported a total of 20.5 million have been put out of work in only the last three weeks and these are just from the stats of people applying for benefits. Political parties have clashed on how to help support the economy during this roadblock, “republicans say to give 250 billion to replenish distressed business while democrats say to give 250 billion to assist hospitals and state and local governments”. Despite the increase in employment, unemployment offices are in high demand for workers due to the mass of people applying daily and calling it is hard to get everything to work smoothly.

A woman named Kendall Clark says she had not managed to file despite more than 1,200 attempts, some at 1 a.m, “I’m stuck, I’m frustrated, and I don’t really know where to go from here,” says Ms.Clark. Many Americans are frustrated because of the huge possibility of losing their homes, cars, and insurance given their financial stability and the crisis that is occurring. The hope for many is that after this pandemic recedes people will be able to get their jobs back but all is uncertain given the conditions.

The benefits given by the government are extremely helpful and appreciated by many but some say that it isn’t enough to cover the bills especially living in a state such as California. Lyn Douglass and her husband who live in Los Angeles  are feeling the pinch, Lyn’s husband who works as a wedding videographer has lost clients due to this pandemic and has to stop working and has resulted in selling his cameras in order to stay where they are living. Levels of unemployment have been the highest since 1948 the last time american joblessness was that severe was the great depression. Even though there is a high demand in doctors and nurses right now because of the high numbers of patients coming through hospitals such as E.R’s “some health care workers suffered layoffs with outpatient services like physicians and dentists’ offices cutting 1.2 million jobs in April”.

Economists say that it could take months, even years for the job market to get back to its original state. Some say it is scary because when we go back to our jobs we don’t know exactly what we are going back to. People after this pandemic might feel uncomfortable going back to old safety habitats and will require business to take more precautions. Though America seems to be falling apart just know that in the end we are able to make it through this crisis  and come back stronger than ever.