North Korea leader Kim Jong and his rumored health status

Joan Nygbah

The North Korean leader Kim Jong is someone who has been in the public for various mostly controversial topics on how he runs his country and his relationship with the United States. North Korea as people know is a communist country where the laws are strict and citizens aren’t allowed to do various things. 

So being able to have a leader that is cruel and potentially dead would be a happy moment in Koreans lives wouldn’t it? Not necessarily Korean culture is very strong and united and respects their officials so it has been very hard getting information from Korea on the status of Kim Jong. Kim Jong comes from a family of heart problems; his grandpa and father both died from heart complications so it’s not surprising to see that he has had issues with his heart for a long time now. It had been rumors surfacing that he had recently undergone heart surgery and he was in grave danger because of it. North Korea’s state news agency on Saturday released this photo of Kim Jong-un, which it said was taken Friday at a fertilizer plant. His sister, Kim Yo-jong, is in the background.

The rumors began becoming more and more serious once the media saw that Kim hadn’t attended the biggest holiday in north Korea that has been celebrated for years. Amidst all the rumors a North Korean newspaper came out with a photo of Kim smiling and clapping Whilst opening a fertilizer company. They did this to try and shut down any rumors regarding that Kim is dead. People have been concerned seeing that there is a widely spread pandemic going on and their leader has said nothing and has not been in the media for weeks.

After the photo had been leaked people still speculated why he missed such an important ceremony which is the celebration of his grandfather’s birthday but then it showed that this wasn’t Kim’s first time disappearing out of the media.  Kim has periods where he disappears for quite some time and then the media speculates that he is ill and in grave danger. So this has not been the first time this happened once he was gone and showed up back in the media with a cane because he had just gotten ankle surgery.

 When though people have seen the photos of  Kim  at the fertilizer company they still cant confirm the date of which this was taken so speculation is still running a little high even though North Korea have spoken out.Some have said that Kim’s disappearance was t distant himself from people due to Coronavirus pandemic, to stay away from people that may have contracted  the virus. Despite the controversy of Korean leader Kim Jong, evidence published to the media shows he is doing well and the rumors are just rumors so all the speculation about him being dead should eventually come to an end.