“Adopt-A-Senior” is Giving Seniors Hope

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Around this pandemic, also known as COVID-19, the senior class of 2020 is feeling very bumped. No prom, grad bash, and a formal graduation ceremony. However, on the social media outlet called Facebook, various groups are now being formed to honor the class of 2020. These groups and communities are called “Adopt-A-Senior”. The concept of the “Adopt-A-Senior” movement is that seniors would display themselves, showing their works and what they’ve done, and someone would discover them and “adopt” them. No this is not a legal adoption, but the sponsor is allowed to send words of encouragement, gifts, things you may need for college, money, and etc.

Students across the nation are being adopted by several participants that are not even in the same area as them. Some have received offerings of money through CashApp, or Paypal. Others have received gifts such as mini-fridges, bedroom sets for dorm, and more. The senior class of 2020 is more than grateful.

Our very school, Blanche Ely High, has its own “Adopt-A-Senior” concept as well, where people have volunteered to send thoughtful presents, letters, gift cards, money, and anything else you could possibly think of. The class of 2020 is now gaining opportunities through these “Adopt-A-Senior” groups and communities to make the transition from high school to college smoothly.

To simply talk about the great things these groups are doing is plain. Here are the stats for one of the groups on Facebook. The group name is “Adopt a Senior 2020 🧑‍🎓”. On average, this group has gained nearly 100,000 members in total and gained over 10,000and counting in the past month. On average, this group has had 10,000 posts in the past 30 days and has 830 additional posts today alone. That comes to show, that these groups are indeed changing the lives of these seniors.

These groups are private. In order to join a group, you must answer a few questions, and admins will either accept or deny you. Immediately after you join it is recommended that you post so that people looking to adopt will find you. Your post should consist of a paragraph basically stating your story and how this pandemic affects you. It is also recommended that pictures are attached to your post.

With “Adopt-A-Senior” you have the opportunity to make your dreams come true!