Virtual Graduation for the Class of 2020

Cindy Firmin

Broward County Public Schools’ Superintendent, Robert W. Runice released a video informing this year’s senior class what is to take place. After months of worrying, anxiety, and uncertainty, the answers were finally given. Unfortunately due to the coronavirus, there will be a change in the way the annual ceremony will take place this year. Here is the video that was released to the public by the Superintendent. 

Everything has been canceled for the senior class so far. Grad Bash, Prom, and much more. As Robert Runice stated, the class of 2020 will have a virtual graduation for this year. Yes, they must still wear a cap and gown, and the graduation is expected to take place in June.

Seniors are extremely upset with this and have voiced their concerns through, Instagram, Twitter, and various social media platforms. Due to this, The superintendent and the district are now considering to pushing back graduation depending on the condition of this virus. So students are now encouraging other students to continue to voice their opinion and share how they feel. Although with the circumstances, the district is doing everything they can to make the best out of this situation. Graduation is not canceled as a whole, but instead, graduation will take place in a different way.

The district also sent out a “Letter to Class of 2020” . In the letter, it basically reiterated what the superintendent stated. It also explained how the ceremony will take place and what to expect from the graduation ceremony. According to the letter that was sent out, it states the order of events that will take place.

The graduation will take place on an outlet such as YouTube Live, or a television channel or program such as Beacon TV, WBEC-TV. Each school will have its own ceremony. There will be a Presentation of Colors,  the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem will occur. Everything that would occur at a normal graduation will occur in the virtual graduation. There also will be a turning of tassels, so seniors are still expected to have their cap and gowns in order to have the full experience and take photos with friends and family.

To complete about 12 years of school, and to receive a simple live-streamed graduation, is quite unexpected. No one ever thought that this would be the fate for 2020. This year so far has come with many surprises, loops, and turns. So in this time, the senior class of 2020 must step up and tackle this head on. There are currently over a thousand tweets, retweets, posts, and more about this graduation issue, and we still don’t know the outcome of this virus for the rest of this year.

This comes to show that there are greater things in store for the class of 2020 and for this generation. They have witnessed history, and if they can overcome this, they can overcome any future obstacles that will come their way. Yes, it sucks to wear a cap and gown in your living room and not “walk across the stage”. But this is just the beginning of a beautiful story.