How are healthcare workers dealing with this pandemic?

Currently the spread of the coronavirus has made it  very hard for  healthcare workers because of the mass of people entering hospitals. Healthcare workers are very important to our society with or without a pandemic going on during this pandemic they are putting their lives on the front line to save innocent lives. Doctors are nurses whose lives did a 360 in such an amount of time that they were forced to work extra amounts of  time , spend less time with family, and possibly risk their lives. The rates of the patients coming in the hospitals have been increasingly going up making it harder for healthcare workers to safely protect themselves and family. Patient in China Allegedly Tore off Medical Staff's Mask & Spat at ...

Some nurses even have said that there were so many patients in the hospital and all the hours they have had to put in made it hard for some people to eat or drink because of them being scared to take off their masks and possibly contract the virus. Healthcare workers also have families that are tremendously affected  by this pandemic. Families of the healthcare workers feel scared every time their family workers go out to work that they can possibly contract the virus or even just being away from family for such a long time can have a tremendous effect on people mentally. The mental process of being inside the hospitals is really hard for nurses and doctors having to see multiple patients with fevers and fear in their eyes of possibly dying from this virus can scare someone especially that has to be around these patients constantly.

Nurses have to see patients who they thought were healthy and strong and then instantly they start to deteriorate in front of their eyes. While seeing them slowly dying they realize that they will be the last face the patient sees and not their families because of the risk of spreading it which is crazy and sad. Being able to save a person as a health worker is even a risk because while trying to incubate a patient they become so close to the patient’s mouth that they can cough up secretions of the virus into the air.

Healthcare workers also make it their mission to to be compassionate and caring to their patients especially because they know  that they patients cant have contact with anyone they care about without risking their lives. So having a healthcare worker be positive and caring while someone is going through something as tough as that.It is important to care and give back to healthcare workers considering the amount of time and effort they put towards helping people so it would only be best to give what you can to help them in return.

In many hospitals they are even running out of masks which is horrible when working in a time when there is a massive pandemic going on. Being able to help hospitals with mask and gloves is a very generous thing to do  and will help benefit everyone in the long run. This will give people an insight on how healthcare workers are doing in this situation and how much pressure they have on them.