Florida Residents Will Slowly Readjust

Rachell Merisier

Due to the COVID-19 situation major changes were made to the state of Florida. Social distancing in Florida may last up to a year. The state of Florida is planning to reopen and get back to business. Many small businesses suffered from this pandemic. With no customers coming in its hard for businesses to thrive in order to pay bills.

Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Giménez stated that by suggesting that it might be a year until social distancing rules are completed.  “I don’t think you’re going to see social distancing rules cut back until we have a vaccine,” stated Giménez . He also stated“So you’re looking at about a year from now until we actually do that.”

Beaches, parks, boating and golf are among the first examples of what may be opened when health professionals 
consider it necessary. Masks are still advised and the rules for the elimination of group events will still be 
implemented.  Gyms must have stay locked.
However before local authorities can continue ahead, they know that they’re going to have to provide 
specifics and dates for when the counties that have been most affected from the corona outbreak.