Coronavirus: In the Eyes of a Tiger

In the state of Florida. the statistics of the virus are growing faster than ever. As dead bodies continue to fill up refrigerator trucks and hospitals continue to gain more and more positive patients of the virus itself, we’re left to wonder: how is this affecting us? Blanche Ely High School, home of the Mighty Tigers, may be closed for the remainder of the school year. While none of the events are officially “canceled” yet, the coronavirus is leaving students, facility, and staff with lost hope.

Today, for example, was supposed to be the day our class of 2020 senior class was supposed to attend Universal Studios’ annual celebration, Grad Bash. Seniors, all over the county and state have expressed their thought via social media. Some state their concerns for their future, others state their gratitude for being safe.

While yes, we all are unsure of what’s next to come, and if we will return to school, that answer to all of this is just to remain calm. This is not the end of us, and this is not the end of Blanche Ely High School. Our very students has expressed concern about this tragedy. The question that was asked of them was “How has the coronavirus affected you?” Students such as Yvronese Bataille and several other students were interviewed on this topic. Here were their responses:

“Um, The quarantine/ COVID-19 thing has changed my life for many reasons. I have not been able to go out regularly or see my friends regularly. I haven’t been able to go to school. I haven’t been able to go to practice regularly. And it is kinda hard because you don’t have as much motivation to really do anything as if you were in a school setting or the library or meeting up with your fellow peers. It’s not really motivating me so yeah.”

“Staying in quarantine because of this virus has changed my life because I wouldn’t be able to do the things I usually do. I’m not used to not really doing anything so I’m kinda going a little crazy. I never thought I’d actually say this but I miss school. I miss being with my friends and annoying my teachers. I miss Ely. And I’m afraid I won’t be able to see it again until I’m one of the alumni. I can leave my house, my parents won’t allow me and it honestly just sucks. But I’m making the best out of the little that I have”

“Due to COVID-19 the whole world has been on uh… social distancing basis and we’re not able to go out and the way that this has really affected me is that I can no longer go to my favorite places such as the beach or to restaurants. I’m really hoping this whole thing ends. I’ve also realized how much I hate staying at home. I’ve learned a lot about myself during COVID-19, which is good but I am missing the outside”

In the eyes of a Tiger, COVID-19 is looking like a giant. In the eyes of a tiger, COVID-19 appears that it will never end. But in the eyes of THE tiger, we all will come out of this stronger.