How students are dealing with the transition in learning because of COVID-19

Recently there has been an pandemic across the world regarding the spread of the corona virus. The virus originated from china and was a known threat there since December, the virus didn’t seem to scare Americans at the time because the government never thought we would get it. The virus is now in america and spreading faster every day because people refuse to follow quarantine guidelines, we even seem to pass china and Europe on the occurring cases of the virus. Program provides meals to low-income students during school closures

Because of the fast spread of the virus and the possible chance of death  many stores and schools have shut down which has made a huge impact on students and teachers. Making the change to online schooling was very difficult considering a lot of kids did not have access to internet or computers but thankfully schools across granted students access to computers and few internet companies give free WiFi for students going to school.

Another hard transition is that some students can afford home meals and depend on free and reduced lunch meals to fill them up. Luckily schools have took that into consideration and will transport breakfast and lunch to students in need. While there are students that need help financially there are also students that need special services that the school provides such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, and also counseling, these services supports kids through school and makes it hard for them when they cant get those daily services they are used to (


A big controversy for schools is that there will be standardized test make it hard for students to get the credit they need especially seniors who have failed to pass previous test and depend on this year to earn the credit. Not only has it affected standardized testing it has impacted Best HP Laptop for University Students | HP Online StoreAP students by not giving an exam they worked so hard on learning but instead a two question FRQ on a minimized topic.

While reporting about this issue it was only right to hear the opinions of students that have experienced this change.

Aaliyah Baccas states: “The transition to online schooling makes it harder for students to learn, makes it easier for students to cheat , but also helps students become more organized and lessens the rate of procrastination”.

Kalicia Russell states:“The change from regular schooling to online schooling makes students more lazy and unwilling to get out of bed, makes students less social when closed off from friends, and unfortunately students are forced to miss out on memorable high school activities.

The process of this transition has been a hard one not only on students but on teachers and parents too but in the end this transition can help benefit us in the future and help keep everyone safe, hopefully the transition becomes smoother and the school year can be closed off successfully.