The cofusion on proper protection

The CDC recommended that everyone should wear mask  for protection against the virus. Everyone has taken it and ran with it. Little do they know that they have gotten it all wrong. Wearing gloves and traveling and touching everything defeats the entire purpose of protection and is a catalyst for cross contamination.  And increases your chances of getting COVID-19 instead of decreases your chances. I would see customers with gloves entering the store then grabbing all of there groceries. Then when they are ready to pay they would use the same gloves to get their grab there use of payment.

Once they get home the same gloves they used to handle all groceries they bought they are unpacking into their home. Do you know how many germs were transferred from each point using that same pair of gloves. That is not doing you or your family any good. Germs can be washed off all you need is soap, water and to be consistent.

Cloth face masks do not protect you from the virus. The proper protective equipment to use is the N95 face mask. The home made mask could protect you from facial contact with people if they accidentally spit on you. But since the CDC scarred everyone straight people using any material they can find to cover up.

Proper research could help alot of people with this COVID crisis. In order flat the curve people need to know the facts. The way people are going about this is wrong. And they are doing more harm then good.