Social Distance Season: Is it the End?

Cindy Firmin

“Day 7 of Quarantine…” “Day 30 of Quarantine…” “Day 462 of Quarantine…”

If you have been counting the days of self-isolation for the past few weeks now, you are not alone. Everyone all over the world is raiding their homes in panic. Not because of the virus itself, but because they’re running out of things to do to keep themselves busy. Schools have now shifted to full-time online schooling, many local businesses are closing, and people are now forced to remain home. This all has lead to more free time.

Now, why is it important to keep yourself busy during this time? A wise man once said, “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop”. Although the statistics of lives being affected are growing faster than imagined, there is a brighter side to this. This is the perfect time to start that fitness journey, that book that’s waiting to be written, or become a chef!

The possibilities are endless.  A Twitter Post has been roaming around lately that speaks on this very topic:

So is the Coronavirus and Social Distancing going to be the “Hopes-and-Dreams’ Crusher?” No. In fact, it is the starting point of creativity and imagination. Now, you must be thinking, “What on Earth am I going to do for the next umpteen days?” You are not alone. Our very Blanche Ely Students are worrying too.

A question was asked of several students stating “What have you done during this season of quarantine?” Here are some of their responses:


“You know to keep myself busy, I’ve been doing my online school assignments and I actually started journaling. I journal about everything. I write about my day and basically how it goes and about my goals and I do to-do lists to kinda feel a little proud about myself. I don’t really like that I have to wake up early, but it works. Because if I had to wake up later, I’d be exhausted all the time and not really wanting to do work. I’m very lazy but quarantine has made me ‘unlazy’ if that makes sense and I realized I actually hate, like hate staying home all the time. I’m learning a lot about myself during quarantine– things I didn’t know before.  So I  definitely believe this quarantine was very, very, very necessary.

“It sucks, but it’s helped me. I actually move a lot more now than usual. I eat a lot of snacks now. I hate staying in my room, and I actually try to spend more time working on my music. I try to practice every now and then, but you know how that goes. I like quarantine because I get to stay home, but I do wish I was with my friends back at school, even though I don’t like school. But one thing for sure, I definitely like physical school more than online school.”


Read a book. Set challenges for yourself. Come out of quarantine a stronger and better person. The big question remains, is this the end? No, it is only the beginning.