Blanche Ely Highschool seniors left devastated

Rachell Merisier

Imagine planing a out your entire senior year. What your going to wear to prom and grad bash. Telling all your friends who you’re going to prom with. Spending countless nights putting an outfit together for grad bash. Day dreaming about how beautiful you would look at prom. All this hard work our seniors put into all four years of high school to be left with absolutely nothing.

This Corona Virus outbreak stripped class of 2020 of so many valuable memories that they’ll never get back. Since the beginning of the school year many opportunities were snatched away from them. To find out that they’ll have to end the school year off from there home in-front of a laptop.

Its safe to say that there is no one to blame for this unfortunate event. But seniors across the world didn’t deserve a year like this. When they try to look back at the moment may they think of the positive and not the negative things.