Broward Schools denies 5% salary increase for teachers


Hannia Figueroa

The district of Broward County held a school board meeting on March 10, 2020 to discuss teacher’s salary rate. As the teacher rallied against Broward County Public schools they had several salary suggestions for the board. On behalf of the teachers the Union requested a 5% increase salary rate. The school board of Broward County denied their request and offered the 2% increase instead. As the board voted for the approval of 2% salary increase their were distinctive opinions on the board. The vote was finalized for approval with a six out of nine vote. Broward board members: Robin Bartkeman, Lori Ahadeff, and Nora Rupert opposed.

The 1000 disappointed teachers marched out of Plantation High School auditorium Tuesday night. Many teachers often booed, yelled and coughed during the duration of the meeting to express their thoughts and opinions towards the board and administrators decision.

The 5% salary increase is now expected to be revised by the Union for an unprecedented result.

As the president of the Teachers Union Mrs. Fusco and attorney Mr.Richard attempted to induce the members and administrators of the board  that the County had significant funds to Increase the teachers salary rate by 5%. They even argued that the board was simply mismanaging the funds.

The members and administrators that opposed argued that the district simply did not have enough funds due to several reasons: risk of financial emergency, Corona-virus outbreak, Decline of enrollment, and lack of fund by the legislature.After the seven-hour duration meeting the Broward Teacher Union failed to receive the raise they desired.