Nets beat the Lakers 104-102

Antawon Foulkes

The Brooklyn Nets had beat the Los Angles Lakers 104-102 last night and lots of fans were surprise that the Nets beat the Lakers, because the Lakers was the favorites for the game because as we  all know that the Lakers is the best team in the NBA hands down they have the king AKA Lebron James, as well as Anthony Davis but that did not stop the Nets from beating the Lakers last night the Nets also have two key players on their team those players are Kyrie Irving Kevin Durant. 

Kyrie Irving had suffered a right knee sprain but, he will be back soon as for Kevin Durant he had torn his achilles last year in the playoffs and he cant play for this whole season he will have to play in the 2020—2021 season which will be next year. For the Brooklyn nets they came in last night game as the underdogs which is a lot of pressure because both of your best players are hurt so they will have to fight extra hard in the game so the coaching staff had to prepare the guys for the game and that is what they  exactly did they pulled out the win against the Lakers 104-102 that is a very close game that was a game won by two points. 

Spencer Dinwiddie had 23 points in last night games against the Lakers he also had 7assits, and 4  rebounds all in 31 minutes, he is the player who the Nets had looked up to in last night game with his performance the Nets was able to pull the win as for the Lakers they did not give up at all in the game last night as you can see in the score 104-102 that was a hard down fight all the way to the end, The Lakers best player witch is Lebron James he had 29 points,12 rebounds, 9assits, 1 steal ,3 turnovers the Nets played great defense in order to make Lebron James turnover the ball 3 times and the Nets were able to score points off the 3 turnovers their defense had caused and Lebron had played 35 minutes in last night game. 

That was a great team win for the Nets they have to keep that same winning mentality for their next game as for the Lakers they have to move on from that upset loss and just work even harder in practice and just make sure they will win their next game against the Houston Rockets which is the second best team in the NBA they are led by the leading scorer which is James Harden this will be a great match for tomorrow both teams will be ready to put all on the line they are going to come in this game playing it like it is the championship game I can’t  wait to see it.