High School Seniors Are Now Required To Take Civics Exam In Order To Graduate


High School Seniors now have to prepare to take a Civics exam in order to graduate

Cindy Firmin, Editor

A new rule has been placed by the Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis within a press conference in Naples. In order to be verified to graduate high school, you must take and pass a civics exam. This exam will be similar to the test to become a naturalized citizen. It was briefly mentioned in December of 2019, however, Blanche Ely High School has now took the initiative to implement the new rule within our personal school system.

Message sent by Mrs.Ferguson. Email consists of a forwarded email from the 12th grade administrative principal, stating the test date and et cetera.

An email was sent out by the senior class administrator, Mrs. Toeller, stating that the test is required and will be given in about a month. Although DeSantis did not mention when the new rule would start, Blanche Ely High wants to obviously get a “head-start”. Current Seniors of the class of 2020 are now required to take the exam, with less than 3 months left of school, and minimal time to prepare for the exam. Our senior class are not quite happy with the immediate, “all-of-a-sudden”, new rule that is being pushed into their hectic, busy schedule.

Understanding the intent of this new rule is what matters the most. The population of Blanche Ely High is made up of different people with different backgrounds. It consists of natural-born citizens, naturalized citizens, residents, and so many more. While we all are residing within this country, Governor DeSantis wants all of us, the upcoming youth and changers of this world to take action and understand what it means to be a United States Citizen.

Several students had things to say about the implementation of this new rule. Rachell Mersier, 18, and a senior at Blanche Ely High School was interviewed and asked for her opinions.


Interviewer: “Could you tell me, in your own words, how this new civics test has changed your life, or what affect has it had on you so far?”

Rachell: “I’m not really worried about the test because I took this class in 7th grade, and I have pretty good memory. So if I can remember a lot of the personal events that happened to me in 7th grade, I’m pretty sure I can pull up and dig up some knowledge of what I learned in my civics class in 7th grade. And also, I don’t see what’s to worry about because Officials told us that the test is based on questions that are given on the um…you know, the naturalization test. So if you don’t even know those basic things, then how are you even a citizen in the United States, you know what I’m saying?  So it’s like your basic responsibilities, like, jury and all that stuff and the branches of government like if you don’t know that, I don’t know what to tell you, cause I’m not scared of anything. And plus, it’s not even counted against us for graduation so I just feel like as if everybody’s just pancaking for absolutely no reason. So, get over it and take the test.”

“Get over it and take the test.”

Further information related to test, test prep, and more should be released soon by staff and administration. Until then seniors and upcoming students, prepare for your exams. They’ll determine your future. Literally.