Jhene Aiko Drops Album, Leaving Some in Tears

Jhene Aiko Drops Album, Leaving Some in Tears

Mallinchka Fevrius

Jhene Aiko Efuru Chilombo released her album “Chilombo” on March 6, 2020, Friday. Jhene Aiko is an R&B/soul artist known for her vocals and being a songwriter. She was born in Los Angeles, CA on March 16, 1988 (31 years old). She dropped a total of three albums from the years of 2014 up until 2020 with her third album. (Souled out/EP; September 2014, Twenty88; April 2016, Trip; September 2017, and Chilombo; March 2020).

Jhene started her career having the title of being the “cousin” to Lil’ Fizz even though they are not actually related. She kept the title of being his “cousin” to gain the attention that helped her promote her career. Jhene and Lil’ Fizz shared the same childhood and were close like family. In 2003, Jhene released the song “No L.O.V.E” with the help of her labels when she was 15.

She then set the goal to release her first debut album titled, “My name is Jhene Aiko” but the album never made it to its release date because of problems of tension at Epic. She left the fame of music to go forward with her education.

In March 2011, Jhene came back to the field of music and released her full project which was a mixtape, “Sailing souls”. In December 2011, Aiko was signed to No I.D’s record label. After being signed to that label, it also opened doors that led to her being featured on songs with well-known artists. She dropped her very first EP, “Sail Out” in November 2013.

Her current album “Chilombo” which is named after her last name, features major artists such as Big Sean, Miguel, Future, John Legend, and more just to name a few. The songs part of this album in order are Lotus, Triggered (freestyle), None of your concern, Speak, B.S, OTW, Happiness Over Everything, One way, Define me, Surrender, Tryna smoke, Born tired, LOVE, 10k hours, Summer 2020, Mourning Doves, Lighting & Thunder, Magic hour, and Party for me.

While making this album, Jhene took a trip to Hawaii to surround herself with the vibes of crystals, incense, and singing bowls. The ancient singing bowls are known to balance chakras (the points of physical and spiritual energy that is a part of our human body stated by yoga philosophy) and help soothe anxiety. This album reveals the energy of heartbreak but also zen.

In her song “Triggered (freestyle), Jhene really opened up about the pain she felt in the moment and heartbreak. In her next song, “None of your concern”, Jhene also goes in-depth with her words with a chill lullaby that sets the mood of her feelings. In her song, “Mourning doves”, she uses audio that mimics the sounds of soft bird calls. Her vocals added more of a soft touch to the song as well.

In “Lighting and thunder” which features John Legend, Jhene uses the audio of a constant soft guitar and thunder crashing at the beginning of the song. Lighting and thunder give off the vibe of daydreams as their singing voices flow together smoothly.

Jhene Aiko never fails to drop an album, EP or single that leaves some of us in our feelings or replaying her songs singing them passionately. Within a day of dropping the album, all her tickets for “The magic hour tour” which features Queen Naija, has been sold out.