Roddy Ricch busts out “The Box”


The song “The Box” by Roddy Ricch is one of the biggest hits in hip hop this decade. Ricch’s newest album is also one of biggest successes of 2019. The album Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial was his first studio album.

His first album debuted at #1 on Billboard in the USA. The song “The Box” went viral.  It made Roddy Ricch known in the hip hop industry. Many students around Blanche Ely High School blast his album through their AirPods all day long. Other students have had enough of it.

Blanche Ely student Destiny Etienne commented, “I think that this new album is okay. I don’t really like the song “The  Box’’ because this song plays everywhere I go. I can’t take it!” But most students really seem to enjoy his beats.

Edouard Florvil stated, ‘’I personally like his new album because his music is different from a lot of rappers. He gives me a different vibe”. Javier Berrutti agreed, “ I like Roddy Ricch’s album because his songs have a different rhythm and flow and vibe. His beats are better than most rappers because other rappers use the same old beats- but Quando Rondo is still better”.

Whether you’re sick of him, or love him, Ricch’s music is sure to played for a long time to come.

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