Not the Corona, but the Norovirus attacks Princess Cruise Ship

Not the Corona, but the Norovirus attacks Princess Cruise Ship

Angleo Eliazar

On March 1st, A Princess Cruise Ship was abandoned after 17 crew members had symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea. They were soon diagnosed with the Norovirus.

The 14 day trip for the 228 passengers was cut short after 17 crew members were confirmed to have the Norovirus. Afraid that the virus would spread, the ship was forced to return to the Port Everglades Saturday morning missing the stop in Aruba and missing and having to return one day earlier than planned.

A Carnival Corporation spokesperson said that the ship returned to its homeport after health officials confirmed tests that indicated if the sickness of the passengers symptoms were truly symptoms of  the Norovirus and not the Coronavirus.

The cruise line announced that their would be refunds to the impacted passengers for a day through an onboard credit, a 25 percent off future cruise, credit of the cruise fare paid and one night hotel accommodations.

A Caribbean Princess spokesperson has released a statement in the Orlando Sentinel saying “Caribbean Princess has ended its 14 day Caribbean cruise one day early out of the abundance of caution, due to the guests reporting symptoms consistent with mild cases with gastrointestinal illness and confirmed through onboard testing to have to have been caused by Norovirus”. It goes on to say”Those individuals are being treated by the ships medical team and there are no cases of Coronavirus amongst guests or crew. Norovirus is a common stomach illness prevalent throughout the winter season.”