Technology Keeps its Hold on Students

Technology Keeps its Hold on Students

Elande Julien

Most of the times, most students at school always on their phones while the teachers are talking even though, they don’t allow them to use their phone unless they told them to, but they still use them due to addiction to their phones. Most of the times, students are using their phone due to gossiping, music, and social media.

Social media is the number one thing that cause most students to isolate from everything, they always scrolling, liking, commenting on others post which leads them to gossiping about others or bullying due to something that is not even that serious, which leads some of them to fights at school, or even threatening others to do some bad things to them. All that is due to social media.

Most of the times, bullying in social media leads others to commit suicide, even though they continue to make others feels insecure about how they look, what kind of brands clothes they got on, even though they don’t know if the person have some problems, they always trying to judge a book by its cover, they always jump to conclusion without knowing anything about the person, instead of helping someone they always making fun of them which is fifty percent due to social media. 


Smart phones can cause serious social problems to students, not only students but also everybody. It can make you miss out from everything that is happening in the real world, it can make you feels like loneliness is taking over your life, which might lead to social anxiety, and depressions. It can lead to mental health problems, lack of sleep. Most of the times the first thing that most people do first thing first in the morning is check their phones which can mess up your vision for good. When you isolate from everything that is happening in the world means you not using your time wisely 


IT might be difficult for someone to use their time wisely from technology but if you really want to protect your life from isolate to technology here are five tips: 

  • Control yourself from technology don’t let it control you. 
  • Put your smart phones on do not disturb mode. 
  • Find something you interesting in beside your smart phone. 
  • Connect with the world with your mind. 
  • Set some goals. 

When your smart phone is on do not disturb you most likely to have sometimes for yourself, find something you interested in beside your smart phone, you can volunteer to your school clubs or your community. Go to libraries find a genre that you interested in and reads. Connect with the world using your mind leave your smart phone out of the way work on yourself, help others and set some goals, setting goals about what you want to do, don’t let anything or anybody gets in your mind, focused on what you doing and later you mind find the purpose of your life is not using your smart phone twenty four seven.